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Young Fox "Pauline", lying

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The Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes), largest of the True Foxes (Vulpini) belongs like wolves and jakals to the family of (wild) dogs. They are domesticated in North America, Eupropa and Asia. About 160 years ago they were brought from England to Australia for the well known fox huntings.

The most charcateristics are the red-brown colour and the long tail with (mostly) white tip. Foxes are crepuscular and nocturnals. For a long time it was thought that foxes are mavericks. But since the late 1970s it is said that they live in family groups and show a great socail behaviour.

In Germany the fox is calso called "Meister Reineke" in literature and tales. "Reineke" refers to the French term "renard" which means "fox". In general foxes are called being clever and vulpine. Indeed, the fox can develop some strategies and adapt itself to needed situations to get enough food. This is one of his success in evolution.

After ca. 50 days the vixen delivers her mole sized kits which do have a woolen greyish fur first. After about six weeks this turns into its typical red-brown colour. Hence our young fox "Paul" is older than 6 weeks.

The second last photo shows "Pauline" next to her brother "Paul" (Kö-F5590) and the last shows her mother "Feline" (Kö-F558) as well.

Size: 30 cm (~ 12")
Colour: Red-brown
Filling: Special polyester fibres
Manufacturer: Kösener Spielzeug Manufaktur, Germany

The proceed of this sales will be donated to a children's charity organisation. Hence this vixen will spend joy two times.


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Mira writes: 02.05.2018
Thank you for the superlovely little fox baby.
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