Lynx, lying

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Item #: Kö-F5920
Manufacturer Kösen, length 59 cm (~ 23.4")
Especially soft and flexible, filled with granules.
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In Europe talking about the lynx, usually the Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) is meant. It is the largest cat of prey in Europe. Similar to all big cats, the lynx has been hunted excessively and exterminated systematically. A main reason is that the lynx was dreaded as being disingenuous. He hunted productive livestock like sheep and goats and his fur was well loved being precious.Indeed the lynx is a shy loner which only attacks humans when being cornered and not having another option to defend itself.
Naturally the lynx can be found in Scandinavia, the Carpathian Mountains and some countries of former USSR. In Middle-Europe it was completley extincted. A couple of yers ago first projects were started to resettle the lynx. Today we know that it is an important part in a well balanced ecological system and that it haunts firstly ill and weak animals.

Our lying plush lynx plays its role in reviving his species, even if only for living rooms. Unmistakable are the big ears with the noticeable tufts of hair, which allow its living fellows to hear and localize sounds extraordinarily well. The large furred paws act like snowshoes; the lynx is perfectly adjusted to the European forest and mountain regions.

The plush animal is filled wih granules, hence is very soft and flexible.

Length: 59 cm (23.4")
Colour: Grey-brown
Filling: Granules
Manufacturer: Kösener Spielzeugmanufaktur, Germany

The proceeds of this sale will be donated to a children's charity organisation.

The last photo shows different lynx made by the manufacturer "Kösen". The offered lynx is lying in the center.


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Astrid Isabel writes: 18.07.2018
Dieser Luchs ist fantastisch!!!
Er hat ein wundervolles Fell und sieht sehr echt aus.
Die Qualität ist wie immer unübertrefflich.
Er ist mit viel Granulat gefüllt und dadurch ist das Kuschel Erlebnis wundervoll. Wenn man ihn auf den Arm nimmt ist es wie wenn man eine echte Katze im Arm hält. Er ist sehr beweglich und man kann ihn schön in Positionen bringen. Ich würde ihn immer wieder kaufen, weil er ist wirklich etwas ganz Besonderes!!
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