Mohair & Alpaca Line

Selected natural materials for a natural appearance

The Mohair and Alpaca Line fulfils the demand of collectors asking for life-like plush toys to be produced with selected natural materials. Mohair is the hair of the angora goat (not to be mistaken for the angora rabbit) and the term is derived from the Arabian word "Muhayar" which means as much as "the fabric of goat hair". Alpaca wool comes from the alpaca animals living in the Andes.
From these natural hair the high quality faux fur is woven. Both Mohair and Alpaca do have a wonderful feel to it and its structure resembles natural fur. They are durable and keep their natural characteristics for a long time. Different processes create effects in colour and structure which are only possible with Mohair and alpaca. This stimulates for new creations of animals. Alpaca wool (or Aplaca fibre) doesn't burn, contains no lanolin and is hypoallergenic. Mohair and Alpaca get combined with velvet, imitation leather and sythetic furs in order to give the animals a natural appearance.

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  • Westhighland Terrier "Enno"
    Manufacturer Kösen, size 25 cm (~ 10"), white
    Item #: Kö-F6940
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  • Dachshund "Benedikt"
    Manufacturer Kösen, size 36 cm (~ 14.2"), black with beige
    From the Mohair and Alpaca-Line!
    Priced with the grade "spiel gut" (translation"play well") in 2016.
    Item #: Kö-F6910
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  • Polar Bear, large
    Manufacturer Kösen, length 76 cm (~29.9"), white
    Especially soft and flexible, filled with granules
    Limited edition of 200 units in Mohair-plush!
    Item #: Kö-F7400
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  • Polar Bear "Hudson"
    Manufacturer Kösen, height 31 cm (~12.2"), white
    From the Mohair- and Alpaca-Line!
    Item #: Kö-F3261
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  • Polar Bear "Schmuddel"
    Manufacturer Kösen, length 41 cm (~16.25"), white
    Delivery in wooden case
    Limited edition of 500 units in Alpaca-plush!
    Item #: Kö-F5850
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