Bear Sow "Laura"

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Manufacturer Kösen, length 30 cm (~ 12")
delivery in a wooden case
Limited edition in Mohair-plush!
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Next to seven more species the brown bear (Ursus arctos) is mostly spread. It lives basically by itself on a fix territory: in the velds of tundra, alpine meadows and dark forests. The brown bear can be found in North America, Skandinavia, Russia, Japan, East Europe, the Near East, China and in Mongolia.
In South and Middle Europe in Italy, Spain, France and Austria some brown bears could be settled again.

The archetype of this lovely plush bear sow "Laura" is the living Laura in the Alternativ Park for Bears in Worbis in Germany. In September 1996 Laura and another bear were found on the road. It is assumed they had been bears in a circus, but were abandoned one day. The Alternative Park for Bears took care of them and in 1997 both could move into the new built outdoor enclosure.

Due to the 15th Bear-Festival a limited edition of just 500 units from precious mohair were produced.
While the living Laura was still in hibernation the designers already started their work. After Laura got awake they checked, compared and modified details to make the plush toy as true to original as possible. Altogether 40 individual pieces were needed to complete this nice toy.
Striking features of "Laura" are the long nose, the strong muscular hump on its back and the furry ears.

Each Bear Sow "Laura" comes with its own certificate and number and gets delivered in a wooden case.

Length: 30 cm (~ 12")
Colour: brown
Filling: special polyester fibres
Material: Mohair-plush
Manufacturer: Kösener Spielzeug Manufaktur, Germany

Limited Edition of 500 units in mohair-plush!

The proceed of this sales will be donated to a children's charity organisation. Hence "Laura" will spend joy two times.

Alternativer Wolf- und Bärenpark Schwarzwald  
•••   Alternativer Bärenpark Worbis 


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