Chimpanzee, small

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Manufacturer Kösen, height 15 cm (~ 6"), mocca
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Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) are our closest relatives – genetically speaking – as we have the same ancestors. Like us they are omnivores, but mostly feeding from plants and fruits. Also in behaviour and intelligencethey are close to human.

Chimpanzees have a pronounced social behaviour and live together in loose groups with a stable hierarchy. Experienced animals guide the group and knowledge is transferred to the young ones. Their social life is defined by relationships that are fastened through pair grooming. Females even take turns in the upbringing of their young.

Chimpanzees are probably the best researched animal. Many scientists address the question how intelligent they are and what the similarities between us are. Often it is shown that chimpanzees are good at understanding the connection between cause and effect – like a task and the reward – but do not very likely understand why that is so. At this they have the level of young children.

Our small mocca coloured chimpanzee fits perfectly to children of that age but to adults too, as it is very loving and curious. It is very soft and cosy and hence a perfect toy for everydays needs.

Height: 15 cm (~ 6")
Colour: mocca
Filling: Special polyester fibres
Manufacturer: Kösener Spielzeug Manufaktur

The proceed of this sales will be donated to a children's charity organisation.


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