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Manufacturer Kösen, size 21 cm (~ 8.2"), grey-brown
especially soft and flexible, filled with granules
Plumploris (Nycticebus) are a primate genus of the Loris family. They live in the treetops in the rainforests of Southeast Asia.
They grow to 18 to 38 centimetres long and are tailless. Depending on the species, they weigh between 300 and 2000 grams. The limbs are strong, thumb and first toe are opposable, the second finger of the hand is receding. This enables them to have a strong, almost impossible to release grip when climbing. The increased number of vertebrae makes the Plumploris highly mobile, so that they can move snake-like around branches. The short, dense coat varies from white-grey to reddish brown, the underside is slightly lighter. The round, large eyes are directed forward, but the ears are small, roundish and almost hidden in the coat.
It is known that Plumploris feed on fruits, insects and tree sap as well as on small vertebrates, eggs and parts of plants. However, their feeding behaviour is still little researched and in captivity they die mostly due to malnutrition.

Plumploris are among the few poisonous mammals. A gland on the arm produces a secretion that unfolds its toxicity in combination with saliva. By licking themselves and their young with it and rubbing it into the fur, they expel potential predators. The poison can also be transmitted with bites.

Unfortunately all Plumploris are among the most threatened species of monkeys. Although little research has been done on them, their extinction is not only due to the destruction of their habitats but also to hunting: various superstitions and the fact that they are kept as pets are the causes.

Our Plumplori has not fallen victim to hunting. It can be kept in a home with a clear conscience and its feeding habits are also manageable. Also about the poison one need not get worried. It is possible that one or the other plant in the house or a tree in the garden is used for climbing. It is also possible that it withdraws during the day - after all, Plumploris are nocturnal.

Length: 21 cm (~ 8.2 in)
Colour: Grey-Brown
Filling: Special polyester fibres and Granules
Manufacturer: Kösener Spielzeugmanufaktur, Germany

Especially soft and flexible, filled with granules.

The proceeds of this sale will be donated to a children's charity organisation.


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Petra writes: 03.02.2022
Es war ein Geschenk und wurde nicht mehr aus den Händen gelegt.
Die großen Augen, das weiche Fell, alles hat großen Anklang gefunden.
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