Teddybear "Anuschka"

Item #: Kö-F7090
Manufacturer Kösen, size 27 cm (~ 10.8"), white, green dress and a basket
Mohair. Limited edition of 100 units.

The teddybear girl "Anuschka" belongs to the family of Kösen teddy bears since 2017.
On the occasion of the annual "Teddy Bear and Plush Toy Animal Festival" in Bad Kösen the manufacturer held a contest. Each teddy bear artist could file a teddy bear. It was intended to find the nicest one - and to produce this one in a limited edition of 100 units only.
In 2017 the winner was "Anuschka - the Flower Girl" created by the artist Jeannette Kasel from Dransfeld (Germany).

Anuschka is distiguished by its simple, clear and awesome features with typical characteristics of a teddy, composition of five parts, the embroidered nose and a special mohair material.

We think: Anuschka can become a true companion for children of all ages!

Where does the name "Teddy" come from? There are two versions available, both take place in the beginning of 20th century. From what we know the second version is right - Richard Steiff founded the first teddy bear with moveable joints.

First story: In 1902 the teddy bear was named after the American president Theodore Roosevelt, nicknamed "Teddy". It is said that a bear hunt was unsuccessful. Nevertheless, in order to offer something to the President, a young bear was tied down and thus could be shot. Roosevelt , however, proved to be a fair sportsman and refused to do so. The cartoon then pictured in the newspaper inspired Mrs. and Mr. Mitchom to create a fabric bear. They asked the President to agree on the name "Teddy 's Bear". The teddy bear became a great success, and in 1903 first ones with movable joints had been produced.

Second story: Margarete Steiff (Germany) produced stuffed animals of all kinds in Giengen (Germany). Beginning of the 20th century the doll industry expanded to a great success and Magarete Steiff looked for new products. Finally, in 1903, she presented her first teddy bear with movable joints at the toy fair in Leipzig. This one was designed by her nephew Richard. Although the appeal of the show was initially low, at the end she received of a major contract for 3,000 copies by an U.S. dealer.

Finally, no matter who is responsible for the creation of the teddy bear: It is an essential part in our children's rooms. The teddy bear gives children comfort and shares joy and daily life. It's a real friend - and with many even for a lifetime.

Size: 27 cm (~ 10.8")
Colour: White, green dress and a basket
Material: Woven mohair plush
Filling: Special polyester fibre
Manufacturer: Kösener Spielzeug Manufaktur, Germany
Edition: Limited of 100 units only

The proceeds of this sale will be donated to a children's charity organisation.



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