Arctic Wolf Puppy, standing

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Manufactuer Kösen, length 21 cm (~ 8.25"), white-brown
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The arctic wolf (Canin lupus arctos), also known as Melville Wolf, belongs to the family of wolves. It is located in the very rough and cold climate on the Canadian Arctic Islands Melville Island and Ellesmere Island and in the upper North of Greenland. Freezing temperatures down to -50°C (-58°F), snow storms and strong winds make their environment.  Men are not located here which saves the arctic wolves against the greatest enemy of earth: Human being. Hence this wolf does not belong to the endangered species.
But how does the arctic wolf protect itself against this cold? His fur ist very thick, in the wintertime about 6,500 hairs cover just 1 cm² (0.155 inch²). The ears and the mouth are smaller and the paws show partially fur from underneath too. All this prevents from cooling.

In general it is known that wolves are of a very high social behaviour and very adaptable, too. They live in a family, a pack, which both the male and female wolf are predominant. They take care of rules, safety and responsibilty. But arctic wolves show an even higher social behaviour and their careness for the pack is greater. This is for one reason of course: A single arctic wolf could not survive in this cold environment.

During the first month the puppies are nursed by their mother, after that the hole pack cares for them. The meat of the prey is chewed for them by the grown wolves.
On the last picture two young lying arctic wolves (Kö-F6090= cuddle against the adult one (Kö-F6070). The standing one is seen left hand.

Length: 21 cm (~ 8.25")
Colour: White-brown
Filling: Special Polyester fibres
Manufacturer: Kösener Spielzeug Manufaktur

The proceed of this sales will be donated to a children's charity organisation. Hence this wolf puppy will spend joy two times.


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Petra writes: 21.07.2018
Wieder einmal etwas richtig Gelungenes von Koesener. Das kleine Wolf hat ein schönes Fell und einen netten Gesichtsausdruck.
Ein schöner Begleiter für (nicht nur) Kinderherzen.
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