Dragon "Tatzel"

Item #: Kö-F1340
Manufacturer Kösen, height 42 cm (~ 17"), green
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Dragon, Latin draco and Greek drakos, means as much as "gazing". It is a known figure from the world of fairy tales and mythology and combines various characteristics of birds, reptiles, and wild animals. It can fire spit and does have paws like a lion.
In many stories, the dragon has to be defeated by heroes to save people, a virgin, or even the continued existence of the world. In short, in our (western) world of fairy tales the dragon always means a harm-making animal.
In other countries, the dragon embodies happiness, power, spring, water and rain. Thus it does have positive characteristics. And also in the Koran one finds dragon-like creatures which are well-disposed.

And what about modern stories? "Grisu, the firefighter" (Nino and Toni Pagot, Italy 1975) could not and did not like to spit fire. Grisu wanted to become a firefighter only! In "Pete's Dragon" (Seton I. Miller and SS Field, movie 1977 by Walt Disney) the dragon Eliot is the loveable imaginary friend of the orphan Pete. And "Tabaluga" starts his Journey to Reason.

No matter if your child prefers to listen to the old or new stories, whether it prefers a fearsome dragon or a sheltering one, one which spits fire or may chase ghosts, our dragon "Tatzel" is the perfect companion for it.
Look at its eyes gazing and being gentle at the same time as if they would know about the secret of phantasy. The soft woven plush feels cosy and the wings are ready for taking off for a journey full of fantasy and imagination.

Height: 42 cm (~ 17")
Colour: Green
Filling: Hollow core fibres
Material for wings, horns, spikes on back: Alcantara
Manufacturer: Kösener Spielzeug Manufaktur, Germany

The proceed of this sales will be donated to a children's charity organisation.


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