Ba 15s miniature lamp #81 - clear

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Item #: L081k
6,5 Volt, 1020 mA, 6 Watt - GE #81
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We offer the most important lamps used in jukeboxes. The number is mostly the GENERAL ELECTRIC number which is used in many manuals. Please compare the data of your lamp with those of our tables. Please compare as well if your jukebox requires this lamp in clear or in frosted (part number L081m).

No. Type Size V mA W
81 Ba15s 19x35 mm 6,5 1020 6

This incandescent lamp is e.g. used in these jukeboxes:
Rock-Ola 1455D,
1458, 1465,
1478, 1485 (Tempo II)
Seeburg 7800, 7850, 8200, 8800, 9800
146, 147, 148
M100A, M100B, M100C
HF100G, 100W HF100R, 100J
VL200, V200
KD200, KS200


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Johann writes: 06.05.2024
Hatte die Sterne vergessen! Alles OK!
Johann writes: 06.05.2024
Schnelle Lieferung, passend für die KD200, alles bestens!
Gerhard writes: 31.03.2024
Meine Nachbestellung - wie gleichmäßig jetzt alle Schaltpannels leuchten - ein Traum (schade dass ich hier kein Bild meiner Rock Ola 1485 einstellen kann). Besten Dank
Rainer writes: 19.02.2024
Leuchten Perfekt Danke
bertrand writes: 25.05.2023
Parfait ++++++
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