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Item #: N363.1
Diamond tipped, Seeburg M100B to 201
perfect for mono records
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This stylus has a straight shaft with a 1 mil diamond tip and plays old mono records from the 1950s very well. This design was made for the Seeburg Redhead cartridge back then when only mono records with the wider groove were available.
The Pickering Redhead magnetic cartridge had been installed in the following Seeburg jukeboxes:

  • M100B
  • M100C
  • HF100G
  • 100W
  • HF100R
  • 100J
  • V200, VL200
  • KD200, KS200
  • L100
  • 101, 161, 201
  • Jukeboxes by German Gauselmann might be possible
  • Library Units 200LU1 to 200LU3
  • Custom Units 200CU1 to CU3
  • Console 200C1, 200C2

This needle had been special made for us in a limited quantity. It generates an even higher output than the 0.7 mil needle (N363.07); means volume and dynamic are slightly stronger.
Fantastic sound on old mono records!

Note: This 1 mil needle often plays early stereo records from the 60s and 70s as well. But the sound quality can be not 100% clear. So we recommend to use this needle for playing old original mono records from the 1950s only.
If both mono and stereo records (especially reproduction records) shall be played, we recommend using the 0.7 mil needle - item N363.07.

The following links display photos of original cartridges to identify the needle you need.

Gauselmann   |   Seeburg

Price each.

Very limited stock.
When stock is gone we will probably not be able again to offer these special needles.


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