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diamond, for Beromat Harmonie
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This diamond tipped stylus can be used in cartridges "Merula STC 492" and "Merula STC 492 distictively". Those were used in Harmonie stereo jukeboxes by Beromat.

Note: This needle is about 4 mm longer than the original twisted one. If one cuts the flat wide end - compare 2nd photo - the needle can be inserted and rests on the front rubber mount well.

  • Harmonie 120 WS (wallmount, stereo)
  • Harmonie 120 STS (floor model, stereo)
  • Harmonie 200STS (floor model, stereo)

Note: Bermat used various cartridges for their jukeboxes. Please compare needle and cartridge well in advance.
The following link shows photos of original cartridges for an easier identification: Beromat

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