Tube-stand for Rock-Ola wallmount models - limited edition

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chrome plated steel, nice and handy
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We are happy that we can offer a solid tube stand with durable and beautiful chrome finish for the Rock-Ola wall-mount models 1484, 1494, 403, and 430.
We used the stands which had been offered in Europe and the USA as patterns.
Our stand shows some differences though.
First of all we did raise the height of the brackets where the jukeboxes rest on from 60 cm to 67 cm.
Furthermore the stability is better. Strong 30 x 2 mm steel tubes are used for the sides and 28 x 2 mm tubes for the horizontal bars.
The mounting brackets have a larger area of support. The six holes allow different options for safe fastening.
We recommend to use the outer three holes in combination with 6 mm carriage bolts.
Therefore holes have to be drilled into the bottom of the jukebox cabinet.
The bracket's inside holes can be used if you want to fasten the cabinet directly with woodscrews.
A half-round cutout on the left bracket allows to lead the power cord out of the cabinet.
The front legs touch the floor in a 90° angle. They are not in the way of the user's feet.
Black hard plastic caps in the ends of the tubes give a firm grip and protect the floor.

The last photo was given by a customer and shows a R.O. 1484 fitted on one of our stands.

We are happy about the shiny chrome finish of the stand. Stainless steel tubes, painted or powder-coated tubes would have cost less but we think the chrome does match the style of the 60's better.
There might be little flaws and marks like scratches from sanding and polishing in the plating - but this can only be noticed when looked closely.

We offer boards for the stands too.
They come in four different surface finishs and different colours (RO211 - RO214).
The boards rest on the front bar and special pins on the rear sides.
Note: Sorry, but until further notice we can't offer the special fasteners which are needed for a secure fit of the boards in the rear.
Please do only order the boards if you want or can take cake of the mounting by yourself!

A further option is a set of four strong casters and special made bushings (RO207) - these casters make it possible to move the jukebox and stand around.

The price of EUR 495,00 is for the version without board and without casters.


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Rudolf writes: 30.06.2023
Liebe Frau und Herr Stamann wie immer super Service, vielen Dank
Rudolf writes: 21.10.2022
Hervorragend, vielen Dank
Stefan writes: 17.05.2022
Das Gestell ist Perfekt! Extrem massiv, einwandfrei gefertigt und schön verchromt. Alle Montageteile liegen dem Gestell bei, auch die Schrauben! Es ist schnell aufgebaut und lässt sich passgenau montieren! Zuerst war ich skeptisch, ob dieses Gestell wirklich das doch ziemlich hohe Gewicht der RO 1494 trägt und ob diese dann auch stabil steht, aber alle Befürchtungen waren umsonst! Die Box steht, wie an der Wand fest gedübelt. Das Gestell ist jeden Cent wert!! Eindeutige Kaufempfehlung!!
Herbert writes: 31.10.2021
Toller Nachbau, passt super und die Box steht sicher. Kann das Gestell nur weiter empfehlen.
Daniel writes: 15.10.2020
Super Nachbau des Original-Gestells. Werde ich sofort wieder bestellen, wenn ich in Zukunft eine Box bekomme ohne Gestell.
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