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JukeCD - for CD Jukeboxes

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software to print title cards and archive your CD collection
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We offer JukeCD5 software by 'low Profile'.
This software offers to maintain your CD collection and tracks information which can be entered manually or through these easy ways:

  1. CDDB Disc Recognition – place the CD in your CD-ROM drive and let the program do the rest (requires an Internet connection)
  2. Import from MP3/4 file folders such as iTunes

Other JukeCD features:

  • Flexible CD grid for viewing CD information.
  • Print CD lists with or without the tracks.
  • Print Play lists with the CD#//Track# play code
  • Print title cards on plain paper stock or perforated sheets
  • Print Single or Double title cards for your CD jukebox. Double title cards are useful when your jukebox has a greater capacity for CDs then it does for title card slots.
  • Adjust font, style, alignment and many more properties for all title card text items.
  • Adjust size of title cards - customzed or preset
  • Evenly space all title tracks in the space available.
  • Automatically number track titles.
  • Several arrow styles – standard, small, small combined (both on left-side of card)
  • Add compilation info to track line for multiple artist CD’s.
  • Print an information line on each title card with the business name.
  • Online tutorials for assistance in using the program.
  • Print title cards of any size to fit almost all jukeboxes.
  • Store genre, label (publisher) and year released.

Runs on Windows operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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Martinus writes: 02.01.2019
Programma arbeitet perfect und nicht schwierich um da mit zu arbeiten.
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