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wireless remote control system to 1940 RCES models Envoy, Cadet, Colonel, Major, Concert Master and Commander
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This Service Manual "Wall-O-Matic Remote Control and Wall-O-Matic Remote Speaker Systems" covers the Wireless Remote Control Systems applied to Seeburg Models Symphonola Envoy, Cadet, Major, Colonel, Commander und Concert Master built in 1940. Wireless remote control systems with wallboxes Wall-O-Matic and Melody Selector, wallbox and speaker combination Pla-Boy and extra speaker Speakorgan get described. The needed equipment like Receiver, Transmitter, and Master Control Station are covered as well.

  • Installation
  • Function of Remote Control Components
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Service Notes on Remote Control System
  • Service Notes on Remote Speaker System
  • General Theory of Operation with Circuit Diagrams and Drawings
    • Wall-O-Matic Selector Schematic Diagram
    • Wall-O-Matic Selector Assembly Views
    • Wall-O-Matic Selector Motor Assembly Views
    • Wall-O-Matic Selector Schematic Diagram - Early Model
    • Wall-O-Matic Selector View of Case
    • Melody Selector Selector Schematic Diagram
    • Melody Selector Selector Assembly Views
    • Melody Selector Selector Views of Case
    • Master Control Station Schematic Diagram
    • Master Control Station - External View
    • Master Control Station - Internal View
    • Master Control Station, Solenoid Drum and Step Switch Assembly
    • RCES Cadet, RCES Major Remote Control Symphonola Wiring Diagram
    • RCES Commander, RCES Colonel Remote Control Symphonola Wiring Diagram
    • RCES Concert Master Remote Control Symphonola Wiring Diagram
    • RCES Envoy Remote Control Symphonola Wiring Diagram
    • RCES Remote Control Symphonola General Power Circuit Wiring Diagram
    • Remote Receiver Schematic Diagram
    • Remote Receiver - Top View and Bottom View
    • Interference Eliminator - Type 250 Coupler
    • Voltmeter, Diode Meter (Microammeter), Signal generator, Tube Tester
    • Rear View of RCES Symphonola
    • Views of Wall-O-Matic Selector
    • Views of Meldoy Selector
    • Type 2A4G Tube Data
    • B-2 Line Filter - Auto Transformer
    • Miscellaneous Parts Prices: Play-Boy Model PB-1Z, Speakorgan Model SO-1Z, Contact Adjustment Tools, Remote Control Accessories
  • Supplement to Wall-O-Matic Remote Control for use with Universal Selection Receiver

150 pages, English, spiralbound copy on 90 g paper in US letter size.

Please note: This service manual is meant as an addition to the regular Symphonola 1940 service manual which describes the theory of function and adjustments in general, gives the parts lists and schematics. See item HSS40K.

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