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Turntable drive belt

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Deutsche Wurlitzer 1969 - 1974 with horizontal record player and Swiss and British Discomatics mechanisms
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This drive belt is for all German Wurlitzer models 1969 - 1974 with horizontal playing position and Discomatic mechanisms made by Gerinvex (CH) and KB (GB).

Deutsche Wurlitzer 1969 - 1974 - picture #2 - two belts per jukebox are required. The original Wurlitzer part number is 0015010010. Models:

  • W100 (Lyric)
  • W160 (Carillon)
  • Carillon
  • Lyric
  • Lyric L, Lyric S
  • Lyric F, Lyric FL, Lyric FLS
  • Tarock
  • Atlanta, Atlanta II
  • Carillon 100, Carillon 160, Carillon L

Discomatic mechanisms by Gerinvex (Switzerland) and Kolster-Brandes (GB) - picture #3 -
only one belt per mechanism is required. Models:

  • Discomatic
  • Mini-Symphomatic
  • KB Discomatic

To identify your jukebox by the Deutsche Wurlitzer, you might want to check our Jukebox-Archive.


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philip writes: 30.08.2020
plays at correct speed now sounds great another quality product many thanks
MARCHAND writes: 17.07.2018
Tres bien .Merci
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