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Bergmann, Harting & Jupiter

Years 1954 to early 1970s

Though Jupiter jukeboxes were operated in Germany by Bergmann, service manuals are only available in English or French. Some Bergmann manuals we can offer in English too.

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  • Service Manual Jupiter F100 and 120M
    Can be used for Jupiter H80, H100, H120 and
    Bergmann Palm Beach, Saphir and Tahiti , too
    Item #: HJU120MK
    Cart deactivated
  • Service Manual Jupiter 100K, 120K, 160K
    Manual d'entretien
    Only in French available
    Item #: HJU100KK
    Cart deactivated
  • Das Kleine Lautsprecher ABC
    (Not only) for Rock-Ola jukeboxes
    German only
    Item #: B028
    Cart deactivated
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