Service Manual Jupiter F100 and 120M

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Can be used for Jupiter 100G, 120G, 160G, H80, H100, H120 and Bergmann Palm Beach, Saphir, Cirkon, and Tahiti
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This service manual for Jupiter F100 and 120M includes adjustments, specifications, schematics, a trouble shooting and the parts list.
It can be used as well for Jupiter models 100G, 120G, 160G (Président), H80, H100, H120 (Majesty), H160 (Président) and for Bergmann models Saphir, Cirkon, F100 Tahiti, and Palm Beach.

  • Adjustments
  • Specifications
  • Trouble Shooting Charts
  • Schematics
    • Credit Unit
    • Selection
    • Sequences of Operation
    • Power Supply
    • Amplifier Type 20W SCS EKM (mono) and Type SCS 2x30 EKS
    • Verstärker Bergmann Concorde (Röhrenverstärker) 1969
    • Stromlaufplan F100 Tahiti, Palm Beach
  • Parts Catalogue
  • Some additions (French only)
  • Wiring Diagram 120H fom 1970 (ca. 42 x 70 cm)

Ca. 100 pages, written in English, spiralbound copy.


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Jean-Claude writes: 02.05.2023
Indispensable pour restaurer mon Jupiter 120.
Livraison rapiide et contact vendeur excellent.
Gerhard writes: 04.07.2020
extrem Hilfreich und für die Restauration unerlässlich.
Qualititv in Ordnung und sehr umfangreich.
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