Service Manual Jupiter E80, E100 and 120C

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and Jupiter C96, 120SL, D96 and Bergmann S80 Hawaii, S100 Tahiti and Concorde
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This service manual for Jupiter E80, E100 and 120C includes description, schematics, a trouble shooting and  the parts list.
Jupiter models C96, 120S, 120SL and D96 use the same technology, so this manual can be used for those as well.
It is also usable for the Bergmann models S80 Hawaii, S100 Tahiti and Concorde. Table of content:

  • Introduction
  • Beginning a Cycle Operation
  • External Speaker Connection on Solid State Amplifier
  • Voltage Supply
  • Protection
  • Details of Current Supply
  • General Operation
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Drawings Carriage, Credit Unit
  • Schematics:
    • Carriage
    • Credit Unit
    • Power Pack
    • Amplifier Diagrams
    • Wiring diagram Bergmann S80 Hawaii, Concorde, S100 Tahiti
    • Wiring diagram Power Supply and Amplifier 1094
  • Parts List E80, E100, 120C, C96, 120S

70 pages, written in English, spiralbound copy.


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Hervé writes: 01.06.2021
la documentation est complète, elle contient toutes les informations techniques nécessaire au dépannage et la restauration des jukebox Jupiter de ces modèles, voire d'autres la technologies et les principes de fonctionnement ont très peu changer sur une même période.

the documentation is complete, it contains all the technical information necessary for troubleshooting and restoring the Jupiter jukeboxes of these models, and even others. The technologies and the operating principles have changed very little over the same period.
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