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Schematics ES / ESII / ESII-O technology

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NSM models using ES, ES II or ES II-O technology
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We offer the schematics for all NSM models with ES, ES II and ES II-O technic as oversized copies:

  • ES: Operating scheme, wiring diagram, amplifier "electronic", control and credit unit
  • ES II: Operating scheme, wiring diagram, amplifier "electronic", control and credit unit
  • ES II-O: Electrical scheme, amplifier "electronic", control and credit unit, wiring carriage, update Amplifier

How to know about ES, ES II and ES II-O technology:

  • ES:
    Cartridge Shure 17CM
    Control & credit unit 106590
    Centrale 106580 (50 Hz.) / 106730 (60 Hz.)
  • ES II:
    Cartridge Shure 17CM
    Control & credit unit 108210 / 108913
    Centrale 109800 (50 Hz.) / 109830 (60 Hz.)
  • ES II-O:
    Cartridge Ortofon
    Control & credit unit 108913 resp. 171635
    Centrale 109800 (50 Hz.) / 109830 (60 Hz.)resp. 171370 (50 Hz.) / 171380 (60 Hz.)

Please select for which technology and cartridge the schematics are needed.
Please specify in the field "Remarks" the exact model type, serial number (ID plate on back) and numbers of the centrale and control & credit unit.

Note: The cartridges shown are for demonstration only.

Prestige ES, Prestige ES II, Prestige-O, Festival ES, Festival ES II, Festival ES II-O, Consul Classic ES, Consul Classic ES II, Consul Classic ES II-O, City ES120, City ES160, City II, City II-O

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Gunter writes: 29.10.2019
Der Schaltplan des Audio-Verstärkers enthält keine Halbleiter-Stückliste
. Das macht eine Reparatur schwierig, man muss den Verstärker 76 als Vergleich nehmen.
Herbert writes: 05.03.2019
Alles bestens! Bin sehr zufrieden!
Colin writes: 28.11.2017
Excellent quality copies of original Schematics. Great service and really helpful company to deal with.
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