Service Manual Consul 120 and 120A

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Item #: HNC120AK
Year 1969-77, models using TT drive belt
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This service manual for NSM Consul 120 (first in 8/1969) resp. 120A (first in 7/1971) includes next to the description the parts list and the schematics.

  • Installation
  • Operating scheme with explanations
  • Wiring diagram
  • The electronic selection system
  • Amplifier with explanations
  • Parts list
  • Lubrication chart

90 pages, spiralbound copy in b&w.

Model Consul 120 was equipped with amplifier 70S resp. 35M and cartridge Schuman Merula DB102 resp. DB200.
Model Consul 120A was built during several years using modifying technology within this period:
- Amplifier 35M, 70S or 70Sbb, cartridge Schuman Merula DB102 resp. DB200
- Amplifier 50M, cartridge Schuman Merula DB102 resp. DB200 or Shure 17CM
- Amplifier 52M, cartridge Shure 17CM
- Amplifier 76M, cartridge Shure 17CM
All these models use a drive belt, the later E- or ES-technology don't.

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Manfred writes: 12.05.2023
Ausgezeichnete Dokumentation, sehr übersichtlich
Candace writes: 06.02.2023
Excellent quality manual, clear and detailed. I would wish that it had a index of some sort, but I understand that it was never created. I appreciate so much that this manual is made available, is made available in English, (ordered from the United States), and I am very grateful for the extended customer service/support that was offered to me. Thanks so much.
philippe writes: 22.03.2019
the quality of this,document is very good.
it si easy to see all details and easy to read too.

the best: there are two schematics in big shape very clear.

you must get it
Thomas writes: 06.01.2019
English version

Clear print, both text and pictures!
Most of what you need is in this manual.

The electrical schematics were in rather small print so the smallest text was a bit hard to read.
They would be easier to read if they were printed in a larger scale (over more pages).

Overall, I am very happy with this purchase!
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