Service Manual Festival 130D

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Item #: HNF130DK
Year 1968, 33/45 rpm, serial number 55001 and up
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This service manual for NSM Festival 130D (Disco) includes next to the description the parts list and the schematics.

  • General
  • Installation of the Phonograph
  • Operation
  • Operating scheme
  • Wiring Diagram
  • Circuit description transistor amplifier 20M
  • Amplifier Diagram Schematic
  • Possible Loudspeaker Connections
  • Specifications
  • Parts List

About 60 pages, spiralbound copy in b&w
Note: Please choose the preferred language. Either all is given in German. Or the technical descriptions and first part of the parts list are in English, with an extra detailed parts list of the carriage base and carriage in German.

   This service manual is only for the Festival 130D, not for Festival 130 or any other Festival models. Please compare with data on the ID plate of your jukebox (back) and the following details:

 Festival 130 Festival 130D
- TT drive: One idler wheel, two flat drive belts - TT drive: Two idler wheels, one flat drive belt
- RPM: 45 - records with large centre hole - RPM: 45/33 - records with large and small centre hole
- Serial number: Less than 55001 - Serial number: 55001 and up


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Sehr schnelle Lieferung, gute Dokumente, hat mir gut geholfen, die Zeichnungen sind die Reparaturanleitung .
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sehr gut danke
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Alles bestens, sehr gute Ware, freundlich wie immer - gerne wieder!!!
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Sehr schnelle Lieferung, gute Dokumente, hat mir gut geholfen,
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