Service Manuals and Schematics

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Possibility for a request if the needed paper goods are not listed here or original ones are preferred - specify model type

Manuals and schematics are not only helpful and informative but mostly needed when repairing or restoring a jukebox. Please check our listing if we already offer the needed paper goods.
If not or you like to know whether an original one is available you're welcome to use this as a request form.
The price will depend on volume of the paper goods. We will for sure send an offer first. Please let us know the following information:

  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Serial number
  • Amplifer
  • Cartridge
  • Complete service manual or schematic only

The first details can be found on the ID plate (mostly) on the back of the jukebox. Some amplifiers do have an own ID plate or a number. Some cartridges show a number or name.

Note: The price will be shown as EUR 0,00. You will get the correct price with our offer.

Request: Please send an offer for the listed model first.


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Peter writes: 07.04.2020
Das Handbuch und der Schaltplan ist eine super zusammenfassung. Damit konnte ich bereits eine rowe Ami CD-RN wieder zum laufen bringen. Besten Dank dafür
Claude writes: 03.02.2020
Supper Handbücher & Schaltpläne, genau das was man braucht. Dank an euch
Paul writes: 15.07.2019
thank you grate service
Ernst writes: 29.04.2018
Das Handbuch und der Schaltplan ist sehr gut. Empfehlenswert.
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