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or "Everything you wanted to know about the Seeburg Mechanism but were afraid to ask" by Ron Rich
Models M100B (1950) to SMC3 (Prelude, 1986)
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This book by Ron Rich, a former Seeburg engineer (✝7/2022), is a step-by-step description of the mechanical and electrical operation of the Seeburg mechanisms from the B-model in 1950 to the SMC-3 in 1986. Next to schematics and a lubrication chart it contains 32 illustrations, a detailed troubleshooting guide and adjustments as well as many experiences regarding topics like washing the mech, removing the clutch, sequences of operation, how to transport your jukebox and a lot more.

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Mechanism Modification through the Years
  • Sequence of Operation of the Mech: Overview
  • Electrical Sequence of Operation, "Pin Bank" 100-Selection Models
  • Electrical Sequence of Operation, Mono Mech Using the Tormat Tube Type 'V' through 'DS'
  • Electrical Sequence of Operation, Stereo Mech Using the Tormat Tube Type '220' through 'DS'
  • Electrical Sequence of Operation 'LPC1' through 'APFEA-1'
  • Electrical Sequence of Operation, 'LS-1', 'LS-2'
  • Electrical Sequence of Operation, All Later 100-Selection Mechs of this Era
  • Electrical Sequence of Operation, 'LS-3', 'USC-1'
  • Electrical Sequence of Operation, 'USC-2'
  • Electrical Sequence of Operation, 'SPS', 'FC', 'STD', Series Phonos
  • Electrical Sequence of Operation, 'SMC' and '100-79M' Mechs
  • Complete Mechanical Sequence of Operation
  • Record Return
  • Lubrication of the Mech
  • Adjustments
  • Troubleshooting the Mech
  • Washing the Mech
  • Removing the Clutch
  • To Remove the Pickup-Arm-Frame Assembly
  • Transporting your Jukebox
  • Seeburg 'Periodic Table of the Mechanism'
  • Representative Mechanism Schematics - to fold out

62 pages, written in English, printed in black&white

Note 2/2024: the author Ron Rich passed away on 22.07.2022. With this book he left his knowledge and experiences collected in several decades.
The book itself is a reprint. While, compared to earlier editions, the quality of the schematics could be improved to its best, it couldn't be done with the photos


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Thomas writes: 15.11.2020
Ein interessant zu lesendes Dokument. Der Autor hat sicher Ahnung von dem was er beschreibt. Aber 32 Euro für 62 Seiten Din A4 zusammengetackert ist schon sportlich. Die technischen Zeichnungen sind aus dem Manual übernommen/kopiert und in gruseliger Qualität. Ein echter Hobby Enthusiast würde sowas als PDF frei verteilen oder gegen Spende abgeben. Als Buch würde ich es daher nicht bezeichnen.
Also: Interessant aber den Preis nicht wert. Mit youtube-Tutorials kommt man genau so weit. In die englischen fachausdrücke muss man sich auch einarbeiten, aber das soll nicht Gegenstand der Kritik sein.

Versand wie immer super !
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