OMT, Princess Deutsche Wurlitzer

Model "One More Time" 1986 - 2013: Reproduction of Wurlitzer's legendary 1015 of 1946-47

In 1986 the first series "OMT CD" and "OMT Vinyl" by Deutsche Wurlitzer had a light animation. Since 1987 bubble tubes were used: A special liquid in glass tubes boils at a certain temperature and air bubbles raise up. This is one of the most significant characters of models OMT CD and Vinyl. Within the years some models showed en emblem "The Real One" resp. "The Original" emblems instead of "Wurlitzer". Nevertheless, both vinyl and CD jukeboxes were offered until the last OMT left the factory in Hüllhorst (Germany) in 2013.
  Often these models are called OMT 1015 - not to be mistaken for the US Wurlitzer 1015 built in 1946-47.

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