OMT, Princess Deutsche Wurlitzer

Model "One More Time" 1986 - 2013: Reproduction of Wurlitzer's legendary 1015 of 1946-47

In 1986 the first series "OMT CD" and "OMT Vinyl" by Deutsche Wurlitzer had a light animation. Since 1987 bubble tubes were used: A special liquid in glass tubes boils at a certain temperature and air bubbles raise up. This is one of the most significant characters of models OMT CD and Vinyl. Within the years some models showed en emblem "The Real One" resp. "The Original" emblems instead of "Wurlitzer". Nevertheless, both vinyl and CD jukeboxes were offered until the last OMT left the factory in Hüllhorst (Germany) in 2013.
  Often these models are called OMT 1015 - not to be mistaken for the US Wurlitzer 1015 built in 1946-47.

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  • Plastic light diffuser, yellow
    behind lower "star" in OMT 1015 CD and Vinyl
    Item #: W3581
  • Cash box door Deutsche Wurlitzer
    for various models up to OMT
    die cast aluminium, 169 x 169 mm
    Item #: WD300
  • Cashbag
    German Wurlitzer models from 1975
    Item #: WD4193
  • Key cover, clear
    OMT, Princess, Rave On, Las Vegas, New York, Casino, Rainbow
    Item #: W44107
  • Colour cylinder sheet OMT, late
    Models from serial number 4003xxxx
    Price each
    Item #: W54785
  • Colour cylinder sheet OMT, early
    Models up to serial number 4003xxxx
    Price each
    Item #: W32497
  • Tube for colour cylinder, 75 mm
    models OMT up to serial 4003 xxxx>br>Price each
    Item #: W13933
  • Tube for colour cylinder, 54 mm
    Model OMT from serial 4003 xxxx>br>Price each
    Item #: W54784
  • Synchron- and TT-Motor
    24V / 375U / 50 Hz. for Deutsche Wurlitzer 1975 and up
    Item #: WD13648
  • Rubber ring for colour cylinder
    OMT 1015, Princess and record magazin models with horizontal record player
    Item #: WD12284
  • Turntable drive belt
    German Wurlitzer models 1975 and up
    Series 3900 of US Wurlitzer might be possible
    Item #: WD006
  • Actuating lever
    in mechanism of later Deutsche Wurlitzer vinyl and CD jukeboxes
    Item #: WD10900
  • Micro switch with short lever
    1U / 16A / 250 VAC
    Deutsche Wurlitzer with horizontal record player
    Item #: WD020
  • Item #: E098
  • Tension spring 11738
    Deutsche Wurlitzer vinyl models with flat TT (1969 to OMT), door illumination OMT Vinyl and CD
    size 0,36 x 3,8 x 19 mm
    Item #: WD11738
  • Tension spring 12525
    in tone arm group Deutsche Wurlitzer vinyl models with flat TT (starting 1969), fits Wiegandt Tonmaster as well
    size 0.45 x 4.5 x 21.5 mm
    Item #: WD12525
  • Tension spring 12381
    in tone arm group and gear & main cam group Deutsche Wurlitzer vinyl models with flat TT (starting 1969) - size 0.45 x 4.5 x 28.5 mm
    Item #: WD12381
  • Tension spring 13169
    in tone arm unit Deutsche Wurlitzer vinyl jukeboxes with flat TT (1969 and up) - size 0.3 x 4.5 x 14.5 mm
    Item #: WD13169
  • Cone tweeter
    Frequency 800 - 20,000 Hz, Ø 70 mm, 8 Ohm
    Item #: SPHT60
  • Shure N75C
    diamond, for magnetic cartridges Shure M 75-C (Deutsche Wurlitzer 1979 and up) and Shure M 75-6
    fits also cartridges Shure M71 and Philips GP400-II
    Item #: N780
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