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Driving belt with tang

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for so called Paternoster book resp. title cards - Deutsche Wurlitzer OMT Princess
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We are glad that we can offer high-quality replacement belts which move the title holder plastics (so called paternoster book) in model OMT Princess by the German Wurlitzer Company.
The original belts tend to break these days.
A specialized workshop could make and even improve these belts for us.
After that the belt got tested by a former Wurlitzer technician.

The four metal tappets are included and are already fitted of course. Hence the drving belt is ready to install.

A note regarding the item number: The OMT Princess parts list shows 0050330 as the item number. The Deutsche Wurlitzer changed the number at a later date into 64577.


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Ross writes: 05.05.2020
This was the best transaction I’ve made in a long time . The belt for the pager is constructed better than the original !! The shipping was fast and tracking it was great esp during these times . Very pleased with the correspondence and help . Customer for life
Pamela writes: 09.11.2019
The jukebox repairman we found came today, installed belt, and jukebox is back to normal! Thanks for having the part we needed
Darren writes: 13.01.2019
Perfect so far, fitted perfectly and works as it should and this has saved my princess from sitting without the title card display working, I had a belt made some time ago this was fine but didn’t last so I am hopeful this will last, it’s expensive for a belt but if it works and lasts then it will have been well worth it
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