50 Hz conversion spring

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Item #: A010
to convert 60 Hz TT-motors to 50 Hz
AMI F80 and up to models 1979
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This spring - made from stainless steel - is used to convert 60 Hz. TT-motors to 50 Hz - starting with model F80 and F120. Therefor the spring needs to be screwed on the top of the shaft of the TT-motor like illustrated.
Original part number: F-2076.

  • F80, F120
  • G80, G120, G200
  • H100, H120, H200
  • I-100, I-120, I-200
  • J-100, J-120, J-200
  • K-100, K-120, K-200
  • Lyric
  • Continental, Continental 2
  • JAL, JEL
  • MM-1, MM-2, MM-3, MM-4, MM-5, MM-6
  • CMM-1, CMM-3, CMM-4, CMM-5
  • RI-1, RI-1G, RI-2
  • TI-1, TI-2
  • CTI-1, CTI-2
  • R-74, R-80, R-80S, R-81, R-82, R-83
Please note: This spring is only needed for new imported US models. Those jukeboxes which had been operated in Europe already don't need it as they are already converted.


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Josef writes: 15.12.2023
Passt perfekt! Kann wie beschrieben per Hand auf die Welle gedreht werden, wobei ich die Welle weiter unten mit einer kleinen Flachzange gehalten habe.
peter writes: 18.09.2022
Fits perfectly. Good product.
Giuseppe writes: 27.01.2021
Passt einwandfrei
Thomas writes: 13.05.2020
Passt sehr gut.
Montage mit etwas Geduld unproblematisch.
Roger writes: 22.03.2020
I finally managed to put the spring in place and it works fine !! Very exact speed .
Roger writes: 18.03.2020
Does not fit my jukebox - The interior diameter of the spring is to small , hence I can’t install it on the top shaft of the TT - motor .
There was already a spring on the top shaft of TT - but I damaged it so I needed a replacement of the old spring , not a new spring to put above the original spring ... so I don’t understand sorry ...
Michael writes: 06.02.2020
Passt perfekt!
Robert writes: 04.12.2019
vite pose ,rien a regler !! c'est parfait
stuart writes: 27.06.2019
Good quality item and easy to fit (if required)
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