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AMI F80 - Conti and some BAL-AMI, 45 rpm
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This idler wheel made from aluminium has a bushing with an inner 4 mm hole. AMI did use this type of idler for the models F80 up to some Continentals - see the following listing. The original part number is # F-898. 
It was used on some BAL-AMIs, too.
Please check if your old idler wheel has that 4 mm hole.

  • F-80, F-120
  • G-80, G-120, G-200
  • H-100, H-120, H-200
  • I-100, I120, I-200
  • J-100, J-120, J-200
  • K-100, K120, K200
  • Continental - only 45 rpm
  • Continental 2 - only 45 rpm
  • some BAL-AMI
  • seldom Jensen
Precises and high quality idler wheels which guarantee a smooth and silent drive of the recors in your AMI.
The way we see it these are the best idler wheels available world wide right now.

We also offer just the rubber ring which replaces the old rubber on the original idler wheel - compare A190.
Please note: If your Continental or Continental 2 offers the intermix feature you will need the idler wheel with a 3 mm hole and a height of 9.5 mm - our item A195.


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René writes: 23.05.2021
Passt perfekt. Kompetenter Lieferant. Sehr zu empfehlen!
Mikael writes: 05.05.2021
Perfect, good rubber compound for good operation of turntable
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