Gripper motor 240 Volt

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new, for AMI K (late series), Continental and Lyric
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These motors for the later K, Lyric and Continental export models were made exclusively for us in the U.S.A.
They are designed to operate at 220 - 240 volts AC. 7 RPM.
The gear box had been improved and is stronger than on the original old motors.
The gear pitches and pressure angles are all changed to handle much higher loading.

Different than other motors which are available elsewhere our motors can be connected directly to the 240 Volt line.
No extra transformer is needed!

The motor will be delivered without link and bracket. These parts can be reused from the old motors.

The mounting bracket is offered at item A009, crank and link at A108 and A109.

Note: Please check if you need a motor for the use at 230 volts (marked on the gear box).
We made the 110 Volt version as well - item A008.

Please make sure that the gripper assembly and mechanism in general moves freely and doesn't stuck at any time!
We are not responsible for any kind of damage if the mechanism jams!

Limited availability!


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