TT-bushing AMI, type B

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Exact reproductions of the bushings for AMI TT-motors model K and up.
Due to a lack of lubrication those bushings are often worn out and can cause sound distortion.
You can rebuild your TT-motor with these bushings - unless the rotor shaft itself is worn too much.
The bushings are made from bronze, inner diameter 4,6 mm (about 3/16").

Price per piece.

Note: We're supplying the bushing only. The shown motor and parts are for demonstration only.


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Adnel writes: 27.01.2024
Excellent quality items, well engineered. Used or New replacement motors are impossible to find for the
Ami Cont/2 Jukebox with the Auto-mix 33/45rpm. I replaced the bushings on the original TT motor as I noticed
the vocals from the records were a bit warbled, Ami blog on the internet referred to vibration, possibly due to wear of the TT motor bushings.
On inspection of the motor bushings, were a little worn, considering, I believe its the original motor, however the motor
spindle showed hardly any wear.
Fitted the new bushings and this rectified the the issue, also the TT motor is running surprisingly, very smooth, as it should.
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