Tonearm springs with long loop

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Item #: S004
Seeburg S100, SS160 and up, years 1967 - 1984
models using Seeburg Stereo (Pickering) cartridge with yellow wedge type needles, pair
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We offer exact reproductions of these tonearm springs with the extra long loop. They are needed for Seeburg jukeboxes starting with Model "Showcase" and "Phonojet" (SS160, S100 - year 1967) up to last vinyl version "Phoenix" (SMC3, year 1984).
If the tonearm springs are broken or overstretched an exact adjustment of the tonearm is not possible anymore.
Two springs per jukebox are required, the price is per pair.

Originally the Pickering cartridge with yellow wedge type needles were used in these models:
- SS160 / ESS160 - Showcase
- S100 / ES100 - Phonojet
- LS1, LS2, LS3 / ELS1, ELS2, ELS3 - Spectra, Gem, Apopllo
- SE100 / ESE100 - Golden Jet
- USC1, USC2 / EUSC1, EUSC2 - Bandshell, Bandshell Firestar
- SX100, SL100 / ESX100, ESL100 - Bogy, Marauder, Carnival
- SPS160, SPS2 / ESPS160, ESPS2 - Olympian, Matador
- FC1, FC2 / EFC1, EFC2 - Regency, Hutch
- STD160, SQS160 / ESTD160, ESQS160 - Vogue, Quadrophonic
- STD2, SQS2 / ESTD2, ESQS2 - Entertainer, Quad Entertainer
- STD3, SQS3 / ESTD3, ESQS3 - Sunstar, Quad Sunstar
- STD4, SQS4  / ESTD4, ESQS4 - Mardi Gras, Quad Mardi Gras
- SMC1, SMC2, SMC3 / ESMC1, ESMC2, ESMC3 - Disco, Phoenix, Prelude
- 100-77, 100-78, 100-79 / E100-77, E100-78, E100-79 - Topaz, Celestia, DaVinci

Note: Please compare if your jukebox needs these springs or those with a small loop only (item S003).
Length over all: 52 mm, length of the spring body: 32 mm

To install those springs we recommend to use the spring hook (WE093).


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