Tonearm springs with small loop

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M100B to Fleetwood (1951 - 1966)
models using mono Blackhead and Redhead and first Seeburg stereo cartridge with T-shaped needles, pair
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We offer exact reproductions of these tonearm springs for the older Seeburg mechanisms. They are needed for jukeboxes Seeburg M100B (1951) up to models Fleetwood and Electra (APFEA1, PFEA1U - 1966) using mono Blackhead and Redhead or first Seeburg stereo cartridge with T-shaped needles.
If the tonearm springs are broken or overstretched an exact adjustment of the tonearm is not possible anymore.
Two springs per jukebox are required, the price is per pair.

Originally these springs were used in these models:
- M100B
- M100C
- HF100G, EHF100G
- 100W, E100W
- HF100R, EHF100R
- 100J, E100J
- V200, VL200, EV200, EVL200
- KD200, KS200, L100, EKD200, EKS200, EL100
- 201, 161, 101, E201, E161, E101
- 220, 222, E220, E222 - Channel
- Q100, Q160, AQ100, AQ160, EQ100, EQ160, EAQ100, EAQ160
- Y100, Y160, AY100, AY160, EY100, EY160, EAY100, EAY160
- DS100, DS160, EDS100, EDS160
- LPC1, LPC480, ELPC1, ELPC480
- U100, U100D, EU100, EU100D
- PFEA1U, APFEA1, EPFEA1U, EAPFEA1 - Electra, Fleetwoood

Note: Please doublecheck if your tonearm springs show a small or an long loop (item S004).

To install those springs we recommend to use the spring hook (WE093).

overall length is 38.5 mm, length of the spring body: 32 mm


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lionel writes: 06.08.2022
I compared the springs of Oliver with those of other suppliers, it is only those of Oliver which make it possible to obtain low pressure settings, the others are too hard, the diameter is larger ...
thank you Mr&Mrs Stamann for offering us quality products
Mike writes: 23.06.2022
Always good to deal with Stamann... Great products..... Mike at OHIOSEEBURGREPAIR.COM
Alfred writes: 22.07.2020
Einhängen einstellen fertig und passt (sollen Sie doch etwas mehr kosten)
Bernhard writes: 10.12.2019
Lieferung wie immer in hervorragendem Tempo. Die Federn passen perfekt. Vielen Dank!
mario writes: 29.04.2019
Il prodotto acquistato e veramente ottimo e preciso come del resto stamsmn music boxen che come sempre hanno dimostrato la loro serietà e professionalità .grazie Stamann e al prossimo acquisto.
CHRISTINE writes: 20.02.2019
trés bonne tension
2 ressorts neufs sont indispensables pour le réglage des pressions du bras de lecture,surtout avec les nouvelles aiguilles qui ont une pression plus faibles (3-5g)
crochet indispensable weo93
Alfred writes: 07.01.2019
Passen perfekt was die Maße angeht , sowie auch die Zugkraft .

Alfred Freinberger
Thomas writes: 28.02.2018
Wie immer alles bestens
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