Motor coupler

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Within the years the rubber of the motor coupler wears, gets brittle, hard or tears. It loses its antivibration charateristics, so that the vibrations of the motor affect the cartridge and can cause sound distortion. When the coupler tears it causes also malfunction in the carriage.

An allen key to fasten the coupler is included.

This motor coupler is for use in all 45 rpm models from M100B (1951) to SMC3 - Phoenix (1984):
M100B, M100C, HF100G, 100W, HF100R, V200, Vl200, J100, JL100, KD200, KS200, l100, 101, 161, 201, 220, 222, Q100, Q160, AY100, AY160, DS100, DS160, LPC1, LPC480, U100, U100D, APFEA1, PFEA1U, SS160, S100, LS1, LS2, LS3, SE100, USC1, USC2, SX100, SL100, SPS160, SPS2, FC1, SB100, STD160, SQS160, STD2, STD3, STD4, SMC1, 100-77D, SMC2, 100-78D, 100-79M, SMC3.


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mario writes: 28.05.2019
Tutto ok come sempre scusatemi se non parlo inglese o tedesco ma non è importante .Quello che importa veramente è avere al mio fianco dei seri professionisti come voi , sempre.
Thomas writes: 15.02.2018
Alles wie immer super gelaufen..vielen Dank
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