Birmacat "Sina"

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Item #: Kö-F4390
Manufacturer Kösen, length 50 cm (~19.7"), lying
2. Price "TED Worldwide 2001/2002", categorie "The Zoo".
Especially soft and flexible, filled with granules.
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Cats (Felis silvestris catus) have been true companions of men for many several thousands of years. Already the Ancient Egyts appreciated its service keeping mice away from the granary. This cat was the Nubian Wild Cat. Frescoes, mosaics, and devine figures with cat-like heads were shaped to show their admiration.

Birmacats are characterized by their half-long blonde fur with dark points at their face, ears, tail and legs. Compared to other cats they do have pure white paws and blue eyes.
Birmacats get bred for littel more than 100 years. In France the breed was accepted in 1925.

As shown on the picture, Birma-Cats like to be in the company of other cats, they are very chummy and affectionate. Althogh our plush specimen can not – unlike her real fellows – draw attention to herself by meowing when it wants to be pet, it does like to be pet and waits patiently for it.

Length: 50 cm (~19.7")
Colour: White with brown parts
Filling: Granules
Manufacturer: Kösener Spielzeugmanufaktur, Germany

The two lying cats „Mohrle“ in black (Kö-F4391) and "Lucie" in grey (Kö-F4392) keep "Sina", the Birmacat, company on the last picture.

Especially soft and flexible, filled with granules.

2. Price "TED Worldwide 2001/2002", categorie "The Zoo".

The proceed of this sales will be donated to a children's charity organisation.


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