Beagle, lying

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Item #: Kö-F7300
Manufacturer Kösen, length 38 cm (~ 15"), black, brown and white

The Beagle is a British breed of dogs, approved in 1890, and belongs to the hound dogs.
As it loves to run it gets used for battues for rabbits and hares. The Beagle is known for being tough but not rough, cheerful and hard-running. Its character is loveable and awake, no signs of being agressive or anxious. When hunting the Beagle shows a lot of endurance and purposefulness. Being a hound dog they need the society of other dogs or familiar humans around.

Beagles reach a height of 33 - 40 cm ( 13 - 15.8") and a weight of up to 18 kg (39.7 lbs). For the short and weather proof fur all kinds of colour combinations except for "liver" (a brown discolouration) are allowed. Mainly one finds tan and white, red and white, lemon and white, or tricoloured in black-brown-white  - as it is with our Beagle here.

Of course our Beagle love being together with other dogs. But also other animals and humens in general are welcome. They will be its "pack" and he enjoys them no matter while relaxing in the garden or being prepared for a new adventure.

Length: 38 cm (~ 15")
Colour: Black, brown and white
Filling: Special polyester fibres
Manufacturer: Kösener Spielzeug Manufaktur

The proceed of this sales will be donated to a children's charity organisation.


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