German Mittelspitz "Frida", small

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Manufacturer Kösen, length 38 cm (~ 15"), white
Especially soft and flexible, filled with granules.
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The German Spitz belongs to the oldest dog breeds. Its origins are not yet completely clear, but it is assumed that domestic dogs of this type were already companions of humans more than 4000 years ago.
In the Middle Age The German Spitz was to be found in every class of population. Farmers were allowed to keep this dog, as it was not a competitor for the hunting of manor houses due to a hardly pronounced hunting instinct. But also merchants, carters, skippers, craftsmen, merchants, and even the petit bourgeoisie kept this dog as a faithful guard and companion dog. So it found its way into painting and literature too. The probably most famous Spitz is that of Wilhelm Busch, when it was wrongly punished by widow Bolte for the roast chicken theft done by Max and Moritz.

According to the FCI, the Spitz belongs to the class "Spitzartige und Hunde vom Urtyp". They have remained very original to this day - thanks to a lack of attempts to breed in or out characteristics by influencing the  breed. And even though the Spitz colud be found almost everywhere, today it belongs to the threatened domestic animal breeds and has been on the Red List since 2003.

The Spitz is available in five varieties: Wolfsspitz (Keeshond), Großspitz, Mittelspitz, Kleinspitz and Pomeranian. They differ in size (50 cm - 20 cm) and weight (approx. 20 kg - 3 kg). While the Wolfsspitz has a grey-cloudy fur, one finds white, black, brown and orange with the others.
German Sitzes captivate by their beautiful fur. It consists of the woolen undercoat and the long standing hair. Typical are also the fox-like head with the alert eyes, the pointed ears, the collar-like mane, the trousers at the hind legs and of course the bushy tail, which is mostly carried curled on the back.
Also in the character all points are the same: Faithful, related closely to humans, intelligent, bright and docile, active and curious. They take their task as watchdogs very seriously and their insensitivity to the weather - no matter if cold, rain, snow or sun - makes them a great companion on extensive expeditions through nature.

Our Spitz is a small Mitelspitz at the age of approx. 4 months and is called Frida. The ears are already typically upright, the fur however not yet completely developed like with an adult dog. Frida is already curious and looks boldly and awake what is going on around her.

On the first photo Frida makes herself comfortable in the flowers, on the third she lies next to the real Frida, who is now a grown up dog (and of course not for sale). Both watch the outside attentively and feel comfortable.

Length: 38 cm (~ 15")
Colour: White
Filling: Special polyester fibres and granules
Manufacturer: Kösener Spielzeug Manufaktur

Especially soft and flexible, filled with granules.

The proceed of this sales will be donated to a children's charity organisation.

Note: The delivery is without the basket and other decoration items.


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Petra writes: 13.08.2020
Frida hat bei mir ihren Platz gefunden, dieses Mal kein Geschenk!
Was soll ich groß schreiben bei diesem Gesamtausdruck plus dem schönen Fell: natürlich 5 Sterne (wiedereinmal)
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