Emporer Tamarin Baby

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Emporer Tamarin (Saguinus imperator) belong to the family of Callitrichidae: Instead of nails their fingers and toes do have claws. The name, it is said, is derived from the German Emporer William II - due to the similarity of their bears. Indeed these little monkies were not discovered before 1907. Hunted animals had been used for studying. Embalmer twirled the long bears like fashion back then - like William II did wear. This was the wrong way, but nevertheless even after realising this the name was kept.
Emporer Tamarins are located in the rain forests of the southwestern Amazon: Southwest Brasil, East Peru and North Bolivia. They feed themselves from fruits, insects, birds eggs and small vertebrates. With its length of ca. 37 cm the tail is longer than the body (ca. 25 cm) and so great for keeping tha balance in long jumps.
Emporer Tamarins live in groups, the eldest female monkey is most senior. After a gestation period of little less than 5 months usually twins get born. It is of interest to know that all males help with the delivery and afterwards the younger group members take care of the babies.
Emporer Tamarins may reach an age of 15 years, some say 18, and in zoos even more.

Although the amount decreases due to increasing destroy of their environment, these little monkies do not belong (yet) to the endangered species. Nevertheless, we think they deserve protection.

Our plush Emporer Tamarin does not need wet rain forests to feel confortable. A lovely home where it can play, jump, run around or kuddle with somebody will just be fine.

The second photo shows the Emporer Tamarin Baby next to the grown-up ones - Kö-F6700.

Size: 21 cm (~ 8.3")
Colour: grey-brown
Filling: Polyester fibre
Manufacturer: Kösener Spielzeug Manufaktur, Germany

The proceeds of this sale will be donated to a children's charity organisation.


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