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Item #: Kö-F5150
Manufacturer Kösen, size 50 cm (~ 19.75"), grey with black and white

The skunk (Mephitida) has a rather unpleasant reputation, as it is able to spray a strong smelling secretion. That it only does when it is in danger, but then this defense is very effective. The long durable and strong odor plus the lachrymating effect help that other animals only try once to attack them. That is why skunks do not have to fear any predators.

Normally skunks do not smell at all. They have a long, bushy tail and a striking coloration of black and white stripes. Actually, they are very cute animals. Even though they are wild animals, they can be tamed when some time is invested and thus have become more popular as house pets. They are very cheerful and intelligent and liven things up in any household.

Getting this experience - without the danger of an attack with a strong odor - can become quite simple. The wonderfully lifelike plush toy from Kösen makes it possible. That way the skunk can be cuddled and played with unhesitatingly.

Size: 50 cm (~ 19.75")
Colour: Grey with black and white stripes
Filling: Special polyester fibres
Manufacturer: Kösener Spielzeug Manufaktur, Germany

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