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Small rabbit "Purzel"

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Rabbits (Cuniculus)are one of the most popular pets. Domesticated from wild rabbits, today there are a great amount of different races and even much more different colour schemes. It is said to be 370.
Though it cannot run as fast and leap as high as a hare or bunny, rabbits are more agile. It runs by very fast "shooting ups".

Young rabbits get born after ca. 30 days only. In general up to 6 times per years 4 - 5 young ones get delivered. Compared to hares rabbits are so called altricial, means they get born without a fur and closed eyes.

The second photo shows "Purzel next to the upright "Lauscher" (Kö-F3590) and the Dutch Rabbit (Kö-F3581).
The last photos show the small rabbit "Purzel" next to the young hare "Hoppel" (Kö-F3580).

Size: 19 m (~ 7.5")
Colour: Brown
Filling: Special polyester fibres
Manufacturer: Kösener Spielzeug Manufaktur, Germany

The proceeds of this sale will be donated to a children's charity organisation.


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Petra writes: 21.03.2019
Dieses kleine Kaninchen hat mich so überzeugt, dass ich danach auch gleich das Häschen Hoppel bestellt habe.
Ein tolles Geschenk, besonders da Ostern vor der Tür steht!
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