Doll "Silke"

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Rag doll, manufacturer Kösen, height 45 cm (~ 18"), with dress
Awarded with grade "spiel gut" (means "play well").

A child's room without any dolls is something that has become unimaginable. With them children re-enact their everyday life's experiences, process their emotions and relieve themselves by doing so. Dolls (and Teddies) are thus companions, comforters and friends, and this often for a very long time.

Dolls are very old, both being a cultural object as well as a toy. For many years dolls have been made of porcelain and affordable only for a certain social class. But more than 100 years ago, Käthe Kruse decided to make her own dolls for her children. She wanted dolls which invite to cuddling, carrying around and nurturing - just like having a baby. But that was not possible with the porcelain dolls. Therefore, she made dolls according to her ideas using a towel, some sand as a filling (which gets warm after nestling for a while) and a potato for the head. Thus, the doll was warm, soft and a little heavy - just like a real baby.
Her children proved her right by loving these dolls. And so in 1911 Käthe Kruse founded her own doll manufactory in Berlin (since 1912 in Bad Kösen, since 1946 in Donauwörth). Surely back then she could not imagine about the success her dolls should become.

The rag dolls from the "Silke Collection" in traditional Waldorf style by the Kösen manufacturer are characterised especially by their childlike proportions, their neutral expression and nativeness. They allow to identify with the doll. They allow imagination, the impossibility, creativity and balancing ambivalent feelings; they allow to try and create social capability. Each child can interpret the facial expression for itself when playing: being happy, sad, angry, silent, disappointed, doubtful, fearful, or glad.
We think: This is the spirit of Käthe Kruse.

Material: Cotton
Filling: Sheep wool
Height: 45 cm (~ 18")
Maintenance: Doll Hand wash, dress machine wash at 40°C (104°F).

Priced with grade "spiel gut" (means "play well").

The proceeds of this sale will be donated to a children's charity organisation.


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