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Gnome, blue

We know gnomes from various fairytales, saga and other stories. They are small phantasy figures, as pucks they only do good things and like to joke.
A very famous figure is "Tomte Tuntetott" by Astrid Lindgren. Published in 1960, this children’s book is a literary adaption of the Swedish poem "Tomten" by Viktor Rydberg (1881). It tells about the gnome Tomte Tumtetott who encourages farm animals during cold winter nights and watches over the sleeping parents and children.

Depening on the country and area gnomes might have different names. If they are all the same in the end or not, we cannot say for sure. They all have in common the typical jelly bag cap, their hard work and reliability. They are always friendly and in place if needed. They guard silently and are known for preserving treasures – real ones or an old secret knowledge.

Also this little blue gnome is a guardian and real companion. Quiet and awake it will join a baby or small child, watch it and be there in serious moments. It will keep secrets well, cuddle itself, is soft and moveable and can be grabbed and hold with smallest hands easily. In case it gets dropped by accident it will land well and nothing happens: The balance point is in the bottom.

Filling of head and arms: Soft, with polyester
Filling of hands and belly: Small bag with granules
Material body: Wool
Size: 19 cm

The proceed of this sales will be donated to a children's charity organisation.


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