Fennec, lying

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Item #: Kö-F5740
Manufacturer Kösen, size 32 cm (~ 12.7"), sandy
Especially soft and flexible, filled with granules.
Priced with the "Preferred Choice Award", USA 2009.
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The fennec (vulpes zerda) is a little fox that lives in the deserts of Northern Africa, it is known for its big ears. Through blood vessels just below the skin of their ears they can dissipate warmth if they get too hot. Furthermore they serve as amplifiers for even the dullest sounds. Thus the fennec is able to hear and locate his prey underground, even during the night, at which time it mostly hunts.

The body is adapted to the hot and dry environment. Its kidneys are very effective and water conserving and the paws are covered in fur, isolating them from the hot sand.

Fennecs dig their dens into the sand, the more compact the ground the more complex do these dens get. A family, meaning a mating pair and their offspring, sometimes even those from the last year, lives together in a den. They lovingly care for each other, while the mother stays with the kits the father feeds and protects her. They are very fond of cuddles and plays. Tthey tend to sleep very close to one another and even the grown fennecs love to play, also with other grown fennecs.

Our lying fennec only waits for someone to cuddle with. That should be a great pleasure, as it is very soft and flexible.
The last photo shows it with its standing soft toy friend - Kö-F6290.

Size: 32 cm (~ 12.7")
Colour: Sandy
Filling: Granules, hence the fennec is very soft and cosy
Manufacturer: Kösener Spiezeug Manufaktur, Germany

Priced with the "Preferred Choice Award" USA, 2009.

The proceed of this sales will be donated to a children's charity organisation. Hence this fennec will spend joy two times.


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