Bi-Pin miniature lamp #19

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Item #: L019
14,4 Volt, 100 mA, 1,5 Watt - GE #19
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Currently not available.

We offer the most important lamps used in jukeboxes. Please compare the data of your lamp with those listed here.
The number is mostly the GE lamp number.

No.Type V mA W€/ea.€/10 pcs.
14,41001,5€ 3,30
€ 29,70

This miniature lamp is e.g. used in:

NSMPrestige 160, 160A, 160B, 160Bb, 160C
Prestige 120, 120A, 120B, 120 Bb
Consul 120, 120A
Consul 160, 160A, 160B
Hit 120, 120A
SeeburgLPC-1 (record indicator)
U100, U100D (record indicator)
LPC480 (record indicator)
PFEA1U und APFEA1 (record indicator)
SE100 (credit)
S100, SS160 (credit and record indicator)
LS1, LS2, LS3 (credit and/or record indicator)
SX100 (credit and record indicator)
USC1, USC2 (record indicator, 20x)
SPS160, SPS2, FC1 (record indicator)
SB100 (credit and record indicator)
100-77D, 100-78D (record indicator)
STD160, SQS160, STD2, STD3, STD4 (record indicator)
Consolette SC1, SC11


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Paul writes: 21.07.2019
thank you just what I needed for 2 of my jukeboxes
DISTLER writes: 28.06.2019
parfait pour wallbox seeburg sc1 MERCI
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