Locks & Accessories

The length is given by the distance between the lock collar and the bar. On some jukeboxes the original bar has to be used again, on others the bar included with the new lock will fit.
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  • Latching disc
    prevents locks from turning
    Item #: SCH010
    Cart deactivated
  • Anchor plate
    Prevents locks from turning
    Item #: SCH011
    Cart deactivated
  • spacer ring
    für Schlösser, 4 mm breit
    Item #: SCH020
    Cart deactivated
  • Compensation ring
    18 x 16 mm for reproduction locks NSM cashbox
    Item #: SCH021
    Cart deactivated
  • Keyring pendant
    in white, yellow, red, blue and green
    Item #: V250
    Cart deactivated
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