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Diamond, for Seeburg 1967 - 1981, Pickering 345-03D, Sound Leisure, Centuri 2001
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This diamond tipped needle was manufactured for us. Our requirement had been to get needles which replaces both the yellow ones used in last Seeburg stereo cartridge #253781, and the green ones used in upgraded mono cartridge Pickering 345-03D (picture 2). To meet this the higher specifications of the green styli were set.
Pressure shouldn't be more than 5 grams.

Better quality than needles which are offered elsewhere!

The last Seeburg stereo cartridge #253781 was used in models 1966/67 and up:

  • SS160, ESS160 (Showcase)
  • AP-1, AP-2 (Automatic Playback Systems)
  • HSC-1, HSC-2, HSC-3 (Home Stereo Console)
  • S100, ES100 (Phono-Jet)
  • LS1, ELS1 (Spectra), LS2, ELS2, (Gem), LS3, ELS3 (Apollo)
  • SE100, ESE100 (Golden Jet)
  • USC1, EUSC1 (Bandshell), USC2, EUSC2 (Firestar)
  • SX100, ESX100 (Marauder)
  • SL100, ESL100, (Carnival)
  • SPS160, ESPS160 (Olympian)
  • FC1, EFC1 (Regency), FC2, EFC2 (Hutch)
  • SPS2, ESPS2 (Matador),
  • STD160, ESTD160 (Vogue II)
  • SQS160, ESQS160 (Quadrophonic)
  • SB100, ESB100 (Magnastar)
  • STD2, ESTD2 (Entertainer), STD3, ESTD3 (Sunstar), STD4, ESTD4 (Mardi-Gras)
  • 100-77D, E100-77D (Topaz), 100-78D, E100-78D (Celestia), E100-79M (Da Vinci)
  • SMC1, ESMC1 (Disco), SMC2, ESMC2 (Phoenix) und SMC3, ESMC3 (Prelude)

The Pickering mono cartridge 345-03D is a replacement cartridge for earlier Blackheads and Redheads used in mono jukeboxes Seeburg M100B - 201. Check here to compare with photos of original Seeburg cartridges.

Price per piece. Two styli are required per cartridge.

The Seeburg stereo cartridge #253781 was also used in models Centuri 2001 by Centuri HIHL in 1981.

Furthermore this yellow wedge needle was used in British Sound Leisure jukeboxes, e.g.

  • Micro
  • Nostalgia II
  • Regency
  • Hideaway
  • Romance
  • Broadway
  • Gazelle
  • Colonial

Check here to compare with photos of original Sound Leisure cartridges.

Price per piece. Two styli per cartridge are required.
The shown cartridges are for illustration only. They are not for sale.


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René writes: 22.12.2022
Neue Nadeln für meine Jukebox in Reserve, hoffe das sie passen wenn ich sie wechsle.
Perfekt dass es sie noch gibt!
Danke für die promte Lieferung in die Schweiz
Cédric writes: 14.02.2022
PERFECT! For me, better than the original green Pickering needle. Perfect perfect!!!
Ulrich writes: 09.03.2021
Alles bestens Lieferung war schnell.Die Nadel ist Perfekt und funktioniert einwandfrei.
Wolfgang writes: 04.06.2020
Alles perfekt abgewickelt !!!
Komme immer gerne drauf zurück !
Besten Dank !
Rüdiger writes: 02.08.2019
Alles bestens, immer wieder gerne
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