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Other Needles

Made by Dual, BSR, Astatic, PE, Elac, Philips and other manufacturers
Cartridges from regular record players can be found in jukeboxes from time to time. If they can stand the tonearm weight of a jukebox it is fine to use them.
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  • Dual DN140S
    diamond, for Dual ULM 40S
    Item #: N960
    Cart deactivated
  • Elac SNM 9
    45/78 RPM; used in Tonomat V102, fits also PE10 (Perpetuum Ebner)
    Item #: N252
    Cart deactivated
  • Elac SNM 102
    diamond/sapphire tipped
    Item #: N260
    Cart deactivated
  • Elac SNM 104
    sapphire tipped
    Item #: N262
    Cart deactivated
  • Garrard GCS23
    diamond for various cartridges by Garrard, EEi, ERC, Fox, flipover
    Item #: N680
    Cart deactivated
  • Garrard KS 40A
    for stereo cartridge Garrard KS 40
    Item #: N705-35
    Cart deactivated
  • Garrard KS 40A, diamond/sapphire
    45/78 rpm, for cartridge Garrard KS 40
    Item #: N705-36
    Cart deactivated
  • Merula STK 495/1
    diamond, for Deutsche Wurlitzer 1961-65 with white pick-up and some Jupiter
    Item #: N534
    Cart deactivated
  • PE 188
    diamond, for Perpetuum Ebner PE-188, 2x LP/S
    Item #: N473
    Cart deactivated
  • PE 194 NM
    sapphire, double-sided, for PE 194
    Item #: N721
    Cart deactivated
  • Philips 946/D65
    diamond, for Philips GP400-II
    original needle
    Item #: N850
    Cart deactivated
  • Philips AG3306
    sapphire, flip over 2x LPS
    Original Philips No. 946/SS50
    Item #: N475-SA
    Cart deactivated
  • Philips AG3310
    diamond/sapphire, flip over for 2x LPS
    original Philips no. 946/DS51
    for Diplomat A, B and C
    Item #: N475-D
    Cart deactivated
  • Pfanstiehl S700-3
    sapphire, 3 mil, 78 rpm, for Pfanstiehl P51-2
    Item #: NS3
    Cart deactivated
  • Philips GP 204
    sapphire, 45 RPM
    Item #: N760S
    Cart deactivated
  • Pickering V-15/AC-1
    diamond, for magnetic cartridges NP/AC and Stanton 400V.3
    Item #: N592
    Cart deactivated
  • Radiohm
    diamond, for French Emaphone by Marchant
    Item #: N343
    Cart deactivated
  • Ronette BF40
    diamond, for Jupiter 104S - 120SL, Marchant Emaphone and Chantal Cocktail, probably Seeburg
    for cartridges from Ronette, PE, Fox, Arista and Sonotone
    Item #: N348
    Cart deactivated
  • Ronette 107
    diamond for cartridge Ronette 107, flipover
    Item #: N807
    Cart deactivated
  • Ronette SC107
    sapphire for cartridge Ronette 107
    Item #: N694
    Cart deactivated
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