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Sealing Material

Foam rubber, rubber gasket and vibration absorber
Dome glasses are often surrounded with a rubber or foam. The foam rubber used back then can often be found as a gummy compound today. Rubber gaskets often get hardened or brittle. Make sure to clean the metal frame of domes well before applying the glass into it to avoid later damages due to tension.
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  • TT grommets, type B
    orig. # F-7307, set, for later models AMI I, J, K
    Item #: A119
    Cart deactivated
  • TT-grommets, set
    for various Rock-Ola and AMI jukeboxes
    Item #: RO080
    Cart deactivated
  • Tonearm grommets
    Models 1438 - 1485, pair
    Item #: RO131
    Cart deactivated
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