Schöne alte Automaten

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Lucky Dice und Henkeltöpchen
by Birgit Friedrike Haberbosch
written in German only
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Old coin operated machines: This consideration hides beautifully witnesses of history of automat technics. In 1888 first vending machines were installed. But the idea and first attempts, however, took place already in 200 BC. The Greek mathematician Heron of Alexandria tells of ascarificial jar, which gives holy water after inserting a Greek coin.
Until the 18th century the term "automat" is mostly taken as automated dolls like flute players, drummers, writers (writer automaton by Pierre Jaquet-Droz in1774), dancers, musicians or artists. They were found for entertainment, joy and amusement of rich people. It was not until the invention of the engine in the 19th century which made a more economic production possible - and thus also in larger quantities. A new industry was born: The vending industry.
Industrialisation created a remarkable change in living and and buying needs: "Time is Money" and demanded quick and easy ways of purchasing.
With gaining importance and distribution of money, the machines got a coin slot.
A coin is inserted into the slot and a sophisticated mechanism starts motion  just "automatically".
This process is common for all vending machines. Whether they offer goods, play for dancing, measure weight or force, give a horoscope, or promise to win something - they are all witnesses of the rich history of automatic machines.

With this book, the author Birgit Friederike Haberbosch presents many pieces from the Gauselmann collection. Clearly separated into various chapters each machine is depicted and described in a visually appealing manner. Of course background information are given as well.

Note: This book in only written in German. From the contents - English translation:

  • Foreword
  • New purchases
  • History of coin machines
  • Vending machines
  • Slot machines
  • Pinballs
  • Entertainment machines
  • Jukeboxes
  • Money and gambling machines
  • Service machines
  • Terms
  • History data
  • Literature

3rd extended edition 2003, 218 pages, hardcover, photos in full colour, written in German only,


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