The Seeburg SHP Amplifiers

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Operation and Troubleshooting Guide by Tony Miller Seeburg Models from 1972 to 1984
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This book covers the SHP amplifiers (Seeburg High Power) SHP1, SHP2, and SHP3 used from 1972 to 1984. The SHP1 was introduced with 1972 model SPS160 (Olympian) and used with modification as SHP3 until last model SMC3 in 1984. They replaced the former TSA series due to severals reasons. Greater power and increasing prices of raw materials were two of those. Tony Miller writes in his book: "By this time, Germanium transistors were starting to get expensive, since cheaper Silicon transistors were taking over most applicatons. The last Germanium Seeburg Amplifier - TSA9 - lived on until 1976 when it was replaced by the 100 selection phonograph by the SHP2, a lower power version of the SHP3 amp, which had in turn replaced the original SHP1."

The amplifiers were used in the following models:
SHP1: SPS160 (Olympian), SPS2 (Matador), FC1 (Regency)
SHP2: SB100 (Magnastar), 100-77D (Topaz), 100-78D (Celestia), 100-79M (DaVinci)
SHP3: Std160 (Vogue), STD2 (Entertainer), STD3 (Sunstar), STD4 (Mardi Gras), FC2 (Hutch), SMC1 (Disco), SMC2 (Phoenix), SMC3 (Prelude)

This guide offers a detailed description of the SHP amplifiers with their function, operation, sequences, and troubleshooting procedures. The last chapter offers a cross reference for semiconductors used in these amplifiers. Table of content:
- Introduction
- The Preamplifier
- Squelch / AVC
- Driver /Output Stage
- The SOS Circuitry
- Miscellaneous Circuitry
- Troubleshooting
- Classic Photos and Circuit Board Views
- Schematic Diagrams: Preamplifier SHP1 and SHP3, Driver schematics SHP1 - 3, Chassis Diagram SHP 1 - 3.
- Semiconductor Cross-Reference

Licensed reprint, 56 pages, black&white with many diagrams, English, spiralbound

About the author: Tony Miller worked at Seeburg right after leaving High School from 1964 to 1977. He was in charge for quality, amplifiers and development. In 1979, after leaving Seeburg for the "Universal Research Laboratories" which belonged to the Stern-Group, Tony was in charge for jukeboxes again: The development of the MCU and Red Box systems used in Seeburgs last models.
Tony Miller passed away on April 6, 2009. With these books he inherited us his great knowledgement about Seeburg technology of the 1960s and 1970s.


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Roland writes: 01.03.2024
Perfect book even for beginners!
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