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AMI Continental, Lyric

Years 1960 - 1962

In May 1960 AMI Lyric and Continental were introduced as an "Compact Addition" to the current AMI K line. Lyric and Continental are somewhat smaller than regular AMI jukeboxes and both were planned to be offered at a lower price. A year later Continental 2 was introduced. All models show a kind of space design. If model Lyric 2 was ever build in series production, is not known (by us).

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  • Cover discs
    for holes caused by Gauselmann safes
    Item #: V052
    Cart deactivated
  • Tracking Force Gauge (0-10 g)
    to adjust the tone arm weight
    Item #: WE010
    Cart deactivated
  • Miniature jukebox AMI Continental
    year 1962; plays "24 Mila Baci" by Little Tony
    Item #: V704
    Cart deactivated
  • Service Manual AMI Lyric & Continental
    Models XJEA-100, XJFA-100, XJGA-100, XJHA-100, XJAA-200, XJBA-200, XJCA-200, XJDA-200
    incl. parts catalog and schematics
    Item #: HAC1K
    Cart deactivated
  • Service Manual Continental 2
    Models XJAB-200, XJBB-200, XJCB-200, XJDB-200, XJEB-100, XJFB-100, XJGB-100, XJHB-100, XJJB-100, XJKB-100; incl. parts catalog
    Item #: HAC2K
    Cart deactivated
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